Windsor-Essex Motorcyclists Find Left-Hand Turns Can Have Lethal Consequences

Posted by Goldstein DeBiase Manzocco on July 16, 2014

Motor vehicle left-hand turns are among the biggest threats to the lives and limbs of motorcyclists.

National estimates suggest that 50 percent of motorcycle accidents involving a motor vehicle occur when the driver makes a left-hand turn - often in front of a motorcyclist - either colliding with the motorcyclist or forcing them to swerve to avoid a collision.

Windsor-Essex has seen a rise in left-hand turn accidents in recent years. The case of local motorcyclist, Michael Pindus, illustrates how easily these accidents can happen and how dangerous they are.

According to Pindus, he was riding through an intersection when the driver of a van travelling in the opposite direction turned left across incoming traffic, colliding with Pindus, who sustained a number of serious injuries including several broken bones.

Todd Ternovan, a traffic officer, remarked that Pindus' accident is the most common collision he observes involving motorcycles. Ternovan attributed the increase in Essex motorcycle collisions to rising gas prices, which have prompted more people to ride motorcycles - an increase documented by the Ministry of Transportation. Distracted driving, such as cell phone use, is another major cause of the increase in motorcycle collisions, says Ternovan.

Left-hand turn motorcycle accidents are typically caused by the negligence of the driver, yet it is normally the motorcyclist who suffers serious, often life-changing, injuries or, worse still, death.

Motorcyclists have less protection than drivers and are more exposed to the potential for serious injury. Research from the Traffic Injury Research Foundation of Canada indicates that motorcyclists are four times more likely to sustain injuries in a motor vehicle collision and fourteen times more likely to die from them than motor vehicle occupants.

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