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At Goldstein DeBiase, our Windsor catastrophic personal injury lawyers have the trial experience, legal knowledge and client dedication needed to gain our clients the support to meet their specific medical, rehabilitative and financial needs. As a result of the positive reputation we have earned over time, we often have complex cases referred to us.

Our clients who have experienced catastrophic injury have confidence in our legal guidance, owing to our record of success and solid reputation within the legal industry.

Defining Catastrophic Injury

Those who suddenly face the prospect of life with a catastrophic injury must plan to spend a lengthy amount of time undergoing medical rehabilitation and their work, home life and personal relationships may never be the same.

Ontario law defines certain motor vehicle accident injuries as catastrophic for the purpose of insurance coverage. These injuries include paralysis, amputation, loss of vision and severe brain impairment. Severe chronic pain and psychological devastation can also be considered catastrophic. The legislation attaches certain conditions to these injuries for them to meet the definition.

If an accident victim's injuries are deemed catastrophic, his or her rights to motor vehicle accident insurance compensation increase. Rights to attendant care, medical and rehabilitation are significantly higher than they are for someone whose injuries are not considered catastrophic.

Leamington Brain Injury Lawyers

In our lawyers' long experience representing injury victims, we have come to see how a long-term injury, such as chronic pain, can become catastrophic for a sufferer. When living with a catastrophic injury, victims generally feel that the condition has caused them devastating physical and emotional harm. Regardless of whether his or her impairment meets a legislative definition of catastrophic, we take the time to listen to our client's needs and recommend the legal options best able to meet them.

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