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Assaults & Tavern Liability

Tavern Liability Lawyers in Windsor

Bar, tavern, and nightclub owners carry certain responsibilities to ensure that their security is not negligent and their premises are safe and that they do not encourage behaviour causing injury to another person. As owners, they depend on the public to consume the food and alcohol they provide at their establishments. At Goldstein DeBiase in Windsor, our tavern liability lawyers are committed to representing injured people whose losses can be attributed to the actions of a bar or nightclub owner.


Their actions that can pose injury to the visitors include:

Serving alcohol to intoxicated individuals

Failing to provide the required security

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Leamington’s Bar Fight Victim Lawyers

Assaults resulting from a lack of security

Assaults by over-served patrons

Excessive force against patrons by doormen

Bar owners are held responsible when they allow an individual to consume excessive alcohol and when that person causes severe injury to another person through either a fight or a drunken-driving accident. As a motor vehicle accident victim, you may often feel a level of betrayal when you discover that the accident could have been prevented if the bar owner had taken measures to prevent the intoxicated individual from drinking and driving.


Drinking and driving can result in serious and sometimes fatal accidents. For injured victims, and family members the effects of the accident can be felt for years to come. Our lawyers are committed to helping injured clients understand their legal rights and make informed choices. We also help them secure both the financial support and the medical care they require to get their daily routine back on track. Other incidents can facilitate liability on the part of taverns, including:

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