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Insurance Disability Claims

Insurance Disability Claim Lawyers in Windsor

Goldstein DeBiase understands that recovery from a physical or psychological injury can become more stressful due to the financial pressure of being unable to work during the recovery process. Although you can get financial support from various sources, you may find that your benefit claims are being denied. This can happen either when claimants are unable to meet the complex application procedure or due to insufficient medical documentation. Our insurance disability claim lawyers in Windsor can handle both long-term and short-term cases.


At the end of the day, we know that all injured people require compensation and support to protect their rights. As an injured person, while you focus on getting better, our lawyers will be committed to securing financial and medical support based on your eligibility. We take time to explain the law to you in a way that is easy to understand and advise you on choices that are in your best interests. We can help you secure the benefits you need to recover.  Schedule a free initial consultation !

If you are unable to work due to an injury, then you may be eligible for benefits from various sources, including:

Short-term disability claims

Long-term disability claims

Private insurance claims

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability claims

When you choose us, we can help you understand how these sources matter to your claim and guide you with appropriate ways to receive benefits.

Legal Advocacy for Denied Claims

If you feel that your benefits have been denied, you can consult our disability claim lawyers at Goldstein DeBiase. We can help you appeal for benefit denials through appropriate legal bodies, including the CPP Review Tribunal and the Pension Appeals Board of Canada.


We strive to secure appropriate benefits through your private insurance policies. With our years of experience in personal injury law, we can negotiate on your compensation. With our experienced lawyers by your side and our ability to build a strong legal case on your behalf, you can rest assured that the insurance company will be able to completely understand and identify the level of disability.

We Are Here When You Need Sound Legal Advice

Our skilled and experienced lawyers leave no stone unturned while handling any type of personal injury case.

Get in Touch with Us

Obtaining legal advice as early as possible is in your best interest, and we don’t charge until you receive compensation. You should be aware that time limits apply to the appeal of any claims denial. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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