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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Lawyers in Windsor

Like other crime victims, sexual assault victims wish to focus on their personal recovery before they consider any legal action. However, the law can help victims secure the compensation they need to recover the losses they have suffered as a result of the assault. Our sexual assault lawyers in Windsor provide strong representation to victims in order to secure financial recovery through a civil lawsuit. At Goldstein DeBiase, we leave it to our colleagues in the criminal justice system to prosecute the alleged offender.

Our lawyers work on a daily basis with sexual assault victims who deal with the physical and psychological devastation of a traumatic event. We offer personalized services to our clients.

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Assault Injuries Lawyers in Chatham

The victims of sexual assault require long-term psychological and physical care to recover from their traumatic experiences. It can be a one-time incident suffered at the hands of a stranger or a person in a position of authority, including a teacher or a doctor. The abuse of trust can increase the psychological trauma of an assault.

Sexual assault in Ontario is considered to be a violent crime. The victims can also file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator directly for losses related to the assault and their pain and suffering.

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