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Uninsured Motorist

Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyers in Windsor

If you are looking for a skilled lawyer to represent you in an underinsured or uninsured motorist accident case in Windsor, turn to Goldstein DeBiase. We understand your need to secure the benefits required for recovery. As a long-standing and experienced law firm, we work closely with our clients to determine every possible route to get the support that they deserve.

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Our skilled and experienced lawyers leave no stone unturned while handling any type of personal injury case.

Tilbury’s Lawyers for Uninsured Motorists Accident Victims

If the driver involved in a collision does not carry any insurance, an injured victim can still claim compensation. He or she can make a claim from his or her policy where the other driver has no insurance or if the insurance was insufficient to cover all losses related to the injury.


Compensation is still available to victims when there is no recourse to auto insurance. For example, when a pedestrian without insurance is injured by an uninsured driver, he or she can still claim compensation through Ontario’s Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund.


Our lawyers have years of experience in securing the required compensation for injured clients. With our commitment to clients and legal skills, we can explore every possible means of recovery to get the benefits you are entitled to.

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We help our clients make informed choices about their legal cases by providing relevant legal information. All our services are charged only after you receive compensation. To schedule a free initial consultation, call us.

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