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No-Fault Accident Benefits

No-Fault Motor Vehicle Accident Benefits Lawyers in Windsor

For decades, Goldstein DeBiase has been a trusted team of trial lawyers who are dedicated to helping injured people in Windsor. With our strong reputation for legal excellence, we help our clients claim no-fault motor vehicle accident benefits, and secure maximum recovery. Our lawyers make sure you receive the medical care and financial resources you are entitled to so you can move forward following an accident.

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Our skilled and experienced lawyers leave no stone unturned while handling any type of personal injury case.

Accident Claims and Benefits Lawyers in Windsor

All residents in Ontario who are injured from a car accident are eligible to apply for no-fault accident benefits under the law. All Ontario drivers must carry insurance. No-fault accident benefits are part of a standard auto insurance policy, and injured people have a right to claim benefits following an accident regardless of whether their actions caused the collision. Our lawyers can provide skilled legal advice to help you determine the benefits you are entitled to, and which insurance company you should approach to receive them.


It is important to know what benefits you are entitled to so that you can access all of the resources available to help with your recovery. Depending on the injuries, benefits for victims can include:

Medical benefits

Wage replacement benefits


Home care expenses

Our legal team can advise you how to obtain benefits that have been denied, and identify any additional benefits that might be available. Let us help you receive the maximum financial benefits and medical care for your personalized claim. Insurance companies have a financial interest in protecting their own bottom line. They do this by denying claims and trying to negotiate the lowest possible settlement on claims.  Most victims of an accident don’t know the rules and the insurance adjuster knows that.  When you deal with an insurance adjuster, you’re on their home field and they may use their experience and knowledge of the insurance claims game against you.  You need someone who works for you.

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Since the law regarding terms of entitlement for no-fault accident benefits changes frequently, getting legal advice early is important. Our services are on a fee-deferral basis, meaning there is no obligation to pay us until you receive compensation. Contact Goldstein DeBiase to schedule a free initial consultation.

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