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Loss of Vision or Hearing

Windsor’s Vision Loss Lawyers

At Goldstein DeBiase in Windsor, our vision loss lawyers specialize in representing clients who have suffered eye injuries. We work closely with our clients to better understand their injury and its effects. We then offer honest, upfront legal advice based on their situation.


As your trusted law firm, we always believe that the best advice comes not only from skills and knowledge but also from compassion and individualized attention. Our lawyers are here to help you understand your legal rights and secure successful results at both trial and during pre-trial negotiations.

We Are Here When You Need Sound Legal Advice

Our skilled and experienced lawyers leave no stone unturned while handling any type of personal injury case.

Hearing Loss Lawyers in Leamington

Our lawyers understand that loss of hearing due to an accident can permanently alter your life. You may need to learn new ways to communicate and remain engaged in the world, depending on your age and the severity of your impairment. If your hearing or vision loss can be attributed to another person’s negligence, then you may have a claim. Call us if you believe your loss of hearing of vision was caused by:

Altercations between children or adults

Sports injuries, including blows to the eyes and head

Motor vehicle accidents, including airbag deployments

Acts of physical violence

There are certain circumstances where vision loss is considered to be a catastrophic injury for the purpose of motor vehicle accident insurance claims. The victim is entitled to pursue compensation for his or her own medical or personal rehabilitation when the vision or hearing loss is caused by the negligence of another person.

Rely on Our Law Firm

Our law firm has represented thousands of injured people in Southwestern Ontario over a period of 30 years. We provide services on a fee-deferral basis, meaning you pay us after you receive the compensation. Contact Goldstein DeBiase today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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