Windsor Vision Loss Lawyers

At Goldstein DeBiase in Windsor, we represent clients who have suffered vision or hearing loss. Our lawyers consult in-depth with our clients about their injury, to learn about the effect the injury has had on them. We then offer honest, straightforward legal advice about their situation.

We know that the best advice comes not only from a place of legal skill and knowledge; personal compassion and individualized attention are a fundamental part of our service to our clients.

Our lawyers are here to help injury victims understand their legal rights. Over our decades of experience we have proven our ability to secure successful results for clients both at trial and in private negotiations.

Leamington Hearing Loss Lawyers

Loss of vision or hearing due to an unforeseen altercation or accident can permanently change the life of the victim. Depending on the age of the victim and the severity of the impairment, he or she may have to learn new ways to communicate and to remain engaged in the world.

Our law firm has represented thousands of injured people over our many years of practice. In our experience, the loss of a sense such as hearing or vision can be attributed to another person's negligence in a variety of scenarios, including:

  • Sports injuries, including blows to the head and eyes
  • Motor vehicle accidents, including air bag deployments
  • Altercations between children or adults
  • Acts of physical violence

In certain circumstances, loss of vision is considered a catastrophic injury for the purposes of motor vehicle accident insurance. The loss of vision or hearing, when caused by the negligent act of another person, entitles the victim to pursue compensation for his or her own medical and personal rehabilitation.

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