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Those who manufacture and sell products to everyday consumers have a responsibility to ensure those products are safe. When a product reaches the marketplace and people are injured as the result of its use, the manufacturer and other parties may be held to account for those injuries.

At Goldstein DeBiase in Windsor, we represent clients who used defective products that caused them injury. Our lawyers know how to complete the proper investigative work to establish what mechanism caused the defect and take the appropriate legal action to recover compensation for our clients.

Our history of achieving successful results in complex cases has led to our strong reputation within the legal community. When we take on injury cases, we are dedicated to standing by our clients as they work towards recovery, and keeping them fully informed and engaged about their legal rights.

Product Defect Injuries Lawyers

Product liability cases are often fact-specific. Part of building a legal case is investigating how the product in question was manufactured, how it works in practice and where the defect is. We take the time to research the item in question, including:

  • The identity of the manufacturer
  • The place of manufacture
  • The mechanisms of the product's function, including chemical reactants if applicable
  • The specific defect, whether in a faulty design or manufacture
  • The link between the defect and the injury

Our firm has both the resources and experience to take on this investigative work. We call upon the appropriate experts, such as engineers, to examine and test the product to gain the necessary evidence for a legal claim.

Our clients are the focus of every legal claim we pursue at our firm. We are sensitive to the personal plight of our clients as they recover from the physical and emotional effects of an injury caused by a product defect. We are committed to providing our clients with personal service as their claim proceeds.

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